I’ve started using my phone as a sort of diary/to-do list type thing and I found an entry on Sunday morning that says, unhelpfully: “evananecenencd”. Now I imagine this is some kind of reference to the execrable Christian-rock abomination that is Evanescence*, but I have no idea why the hell I’d want to write it down.

Actually, I remember now.

On Saturday night, it was Ally’s birthday, and he’d organised a meal at Thaisanuk in Marchmont; Jeff, Josh, Devon and I were reprazenting the Mafia. It’s a great little restaurant – reminds me of Bonsai, except that it was actually busy. So busy, in fact, that they had to have two dinner ‘shifts’: 7-9 pm, and 9-11 pm. Ally had booked for 7 so they basically kicked us out at 9, but never mind: the food was excellent and we happily knocked back a shedload of wine to wash it down.

We all wandered off to the Blind Poet afterwards, where a friend of Ally’s was playing the bass in the band there that night. He was, I will admit, somewhat better than this aspiring bassist, but the increasing quantities of beer I consumed put paid to any lingering jealousy. At about 12, we left the Blind Poet to go to Henry’s Jazz Cellar across towards Lothian Road. I don’t feel entirely qualified to give any sort of coherent or worthwhile review of this part of the evening, because I was completely blotto by this point. Wine then beer may make you feel queer, but drink enough of it and it’ll get you quite spectacularly lashed as well. Anyway, the bits of the singing (by Niki King) I remember were excellent, and it was over far too quickly.

Finally, Ally, Sam and I headed back to Marchmont with some friends (I assume!) of Ally’s. They were all terribly nice, and made us cups of tea and so on. Even had quite a nice bedroom, so I settled into a chair and smiled beautifically when anyone asked me a question. The dude with them eventually picked up a guitar and started playing away, while either or both of the girls periodically joined in with some singing. I asked at one point if he knew any Violent Femmes stuff (thinking of the excellent Blister In The Sun), and he said no, he didn’t. The combination of this plus my sighting of some book about practical Christian faith or somesuch got the alarm bells ringing; I gave Sam a quick wide-eyed glance and we got the hell out.

Anyway, there you go. “Evananecenencd” is my attempt to type “Evanescence” into my phone while completely hammered, to remind me to rant on about Christian music. Obviously it worked.

And I did bugger all on Sunday.

* “Originally, it was released in the Christian and secular markets; however, the band’s use of profanity during an interview with Rolling Stone prompted its label, Wind-Up Records, to recall Fallen from Christian stores.” Ahahaha. Help! Profanity! I am sullied!