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Travels to the pub and back

April 30th, 2004

End of an EA11R(a)?

I drove the Capp home last night to garage it indefinitely. Its MOT (due today) was shaping up to be costing n * window, where n is an uncomfortably large number. So, to put off the decision as to whether to sell it or fix it, I convinced a family friend to let me use […]

April 26th, 2004

On Friday evening Josh, Jeff and I were provided f…

On Friday evening Josh, Jeff and I were provided for yet again at Devon’s flat – Annabel’s parents were visiting, and they needed a bunch of self-important egomaniacs to provide conversation. Or something. Off we trooped, with me declaring that afterwards “I might come out for one, but that’s all.” Fast forward to Medina, approximately […]

April 20th, 2004

I got a haircut this morning. Set the alarm especi…

I got a haircut this morning. Set the alarm especially for it; even had some breakfast because I got up so early. Conversation between me and hairdresser: Hairdresser: “Is this the first time you’ve been here?” Roquefort Files: “No, no. I got a terrible mullet type haircut from the place I normally go, so I […]

April 19th, 2004

Saturday evening:

we’re sitting around the kitchen table. On it are bottles of: Jim Beam Talisker Jose Cuervo Clasico Smirnoff Black stagnant Cinzano Bianco Ye party has verily started. Rob Roys and Manhattans have been bravely drunk by all, Tequila Sunrises have nauseated Josh by their mere proximity and Vodka Sours have been gamely sunk. Ally and […]

Saturday afternoon:

we’re sitting around the kitchen table. Precisely nothing is happening. The chat turns to the (cocktail) party we’re having next weekend. Eyes swivel towards the flat booze stash – largely the dregs from the last party – consisting of: half a bottle of stagnant Cinzano Bianco a £3.99 bottle of Tesco-brand dry sherry for use […]

April 12th, 2004

Easter PIE.

After last Saturday’s eye-wateringly expensive property destruction debacle, I made a conscious effort to have an extremely boring weekend. I made special efforts to seek out tedium and monotony wherever I could find it. I particularly avoided excitement A) in the vicinity of breakable, expensive items and B) at altitude. I tried on Friday to […]

April 8th, 2004

Bass Instincts.

Davis (aka Davide and Sparky), a member of Chris’ late band Coba Fynn, is getting married. The wedding features what would have been a CF reunion gig – God know why he wants to perform at his own wedding, but there you go – except that Chris can’t make it across. Chris was CF’s guitarist […]

April 6th, 2004

A few oh-so-hilarious photos of Saturday night’s d…

A few oh-so-hilarious photos of Saturday night’s destruction.

April 5th, 2004

Oh, sweet mother of God: "Just got a call from …

Oh, sweet mother of God: “Just got a call from the guy from the restaurant – apparently he is having the window fixed and can you call him before 6.30? “He said that the whole thing comes to around £600! Argued a bit with him but he said it was the cheapest he could get. […]

Big weekend. Big, big weekend.

Friday night started off gently enough. I went to see Zatoichi with Kate, and then headed to Cloisters for a quick pint before a party at Michelle’s flat. There was Kahlua – lots of Kahlua – and hence much terrible chat from your inebriated host. I spent the latter part of the evening (after Kate […]