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Travels to the pub and back

May 30th, 2004


I’ve just had a pretty damn-near perfect couple of evenings of gentle summer boozing. On Friday, after work, I wandered down to the shore with some work chaps. Having forgotten to bring money with me, I cadged a couple of beers from Jason and DaveM and we shot the shit for an hour or two […]

May 24th, 2004

We’ve moved,

and while that may sound like a happily done and dusted, self-contained utterance, it required tediously large amounts of effort. In fact, I say ‘done and dusted’, but the new flat was, if possible, more dusty than the last one. (Ho! There’s nothing like a smooth link, and that was nothing like a smooth link.) […]

May 21st, 2004

Katie (or Cate as she’s known in the biz) is the D…

Katie (or Cate as she’s known in the biz) is the Diageo Young Photgrapher of the Year! Here’s an example of her portfolio: it’s Tommy Sheridan speaking at an anti-war rally last year, if memory serves. Note the juxtaposition of flag, cloudy sky and banner to create a pre-war Iraqi flag: extremely cunning, n’est-ce pas? […]

May 17th, 2004

T minus 50 hours: my phone rings. Well, it vibrate…

T minus 50 hours: my phone rings. Well, it vibrates its way across the desk. “Hey, Davis. How’s it going?” “Hi there.” &ltcue ten minutes of finest Davis rambling&gt “…so cut a long story short, Charlie hasn’t managed to get his driver’s license sent up yet. I was wondering if…” (here it comes) “…you could […]

May 11th, 2004

To borrow a phrase from a recent comment:

dear Holy Jesus. The next two weeks are going to be a living hell, without even the prospect of getting shitfaced at any point to break them up. My gran is in hospital suffering from advanced decrepitude, Davis’ wedding gig is looming large in the foreground and we have to move flat in a sort […]

May 10th, 2004

The summer boozing season is open for business

and the decent weather (neither raining nor windy) meant we could sit outside for a few beers after work on Friday and soak up the cloud. Three pints and no food later, I weaved home, had some pasta and sat stupefied in front of the box until I sobered up a little, then went to […]

May 7th, 2004

Josh has posted some pictures of the last party. C…

Josh has posted some pictures of the last party. Car off to the big garage in the sky1; the flat sees its last party2. It’s all getting a bit morbid, isn’t it? For ‘sky’, read ‘Fife’. Until after we move out, at least. So I suppose it’s not really all that morbid. Can’t resist a […]

May 5th, 2004


Looks like is more reliable than If you’re mad enough to have a bookmark to the RF, I’d update it.

May 3rd, 2004


INT. CORE STUDIOS, GLASGOW – NIGHT DAVIS stands by a microphone stand with a red guitar. It has green knobs and trim. NEIL is hovering by a guitar amp with a more conventionally coloured guitar. KEITH is holding a bass in such a way that clearly indicates he’d like to be considered to be ‘wielding’ […]