The Roquefort Files

Travels to the pub and back

August 28th, 2004

Births, deaths and marriages.

The funeral on Thursday came and went, and I think life at RF HQ is returning to normal. And by normal, I mean I went out to the pub, got drunk and generally revelled in not having to wear a suit. Finlay came to the funeral. I think the last time I saw him was […]

August 22nd, 2004

My gran,

who had been in hospital for the last four months or so, died on Friday morning. It wasn’t expected that she’d live beyond Wednesday night but in the end she was tougher than that and held on for a little longer. I got a phone call on Thursday night saying, basically, that this was the […]

August 16th, 2004


I forgot to mention that Friday’s Vegas action was in honour of Josh’s birthday, which had been on the 5th of August while he was off in Rwanda. Have a read of his journal! It features neither a booze-laden, five-hour comedy gig with added funk goodness (as Saturday night did) or quiet late-night few in […]

August 14th, 2004

What a cracking couple of days.

Thursday’s TM practise was, I think, the best yet. It got off to a shaky start – we’ve been playing some songs more or less since we started, and I suspect we’re not as strict with ourselves when we play them as we should be. Once we got on to Sister Isabel*, though, everything just […]

August 12th, 2004

Old and busted:

losing at poker on Tuesday night, receiving the poker nickname “Fluffer”*. New hotness: running 10K for the first time last night. Newest of new hotnesses: running out of stuff to write here. You lot had better pray something interesting happens to me soon. And by ‘you lot’, I mean me. * For reasons I’m clearly […]

August 8th, 2004

I’m finding it hard

to separate anything I did last week into a meaningful, discrete activity. Whenever I try to isolate a given incident, my brain does something like the following: <mental deep breath>​work-​french-​work-​bandpractise-​work-​running-​work-​badminton-​work-​boozing-​running-​bluesgig-​running-​visithome​<and relax> It is doubly concerning to me that for at least half of the spare time I had, I voluntarily chose to do something either […]

August 2nd, 2004

Summer here?

I feel like I’ve had more of a cultured weekend than of late. We’ll discount Friday night, which consisted of getting plastered and then walking an even more plastered, weepy Australian back to her flat at 2 am, though. That wasn’t culture. That was drinking in the trenches. On Saturday, I went out for a […]