The Roquefort Files

Travels to the pub and back

September 26th, 2004

The week

has been notable mainly for the stuff I didn’t do, which has all been pretty wicked. Here are some of the exciting things I didn’t do: win at poker on Tuesday write an instantly catchy, Libertines-esque pop tune on Wednesday night go to a party composed entirely of enthusiatic, nubile undergrads on Friday go to […]

September 17th, 2004

The Belgians have pretty much all arrived.

Along with the Kiwis and Germans. Not content with buying the company I work for, we now also have a Belgian installed in the flat’s box/server room*. Fortunately Vanessa softened the blow by bringing with her some astonishingly potent beer and some chocolate. Not sure how potent that is yet. Jeff’s NZ cousin arrived here […]

September 15th, 2004

Midway through a retox week:

holy heck. The company I work for has just been sold to some Belgians. Waxy, take note: perhaps you can aid me in navigating the treacherous waters of international relations with our new Flemish overlords. After talking at us in a Belgian accent (“I feel we haf shynergiesh with you guysh”), they plied us with […]

September 14th, 2004

I was sitting in the Phoenix on Sunday night,

having a drink with Kate. “I was going to go to London to meet up with Chris and Leyla before they go back to Oz, but since I’m going out there in February I’ll maybe give it a miss,” I said. “Why not go up Aberdeen and meet them there?” said Kate. “You can stay […]

September 9th, 2004

Midway through a detox week:

holy heck. Possibly I am an alcoholic. True, after last night’s old skool Tiny Monkey practise chez moi, Martin and I did have 2 (two) pints but I’m going to discount them because I want more. Supposed to be going to a party on Saturday night – it’ll be interesting getting through that one without […]

September 5th, 2004

Normal service has been well and truly resumed.

Friday night saw some hot three-way action, with Chris and Leyla’s arrival from London coinciding with pre-birthday drinks for both Dom and Kate. It was absolutely fantastic to see Chris and Leyla again; the last time I saw them in the flesh was almost exactly a year ago in Brisbane’s balmy spring. Happy days, happy […]

September 2nd, 2004


Tuesday’s poker match went fairly well: I got to the heads-up at the end with Peter, and managed to throw away a reasonably commanding chip lead with a few unbelievably close hands*. Unfortunately, I managed to drag out this process until 1.45 am. Second thing dragged out was myself from bed at 8.30 the next […]