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Travels to the pub and back

March 28th, 2005

I’ve finally discovered

why we pay through the arse for cable TV. It’s so I can watch back to back repeats of Doctor Who on UK TV Gold. The new series – nicely done, with some amusing nods to perhaps the typical Dr. Who enthusiast (the internet conspiracy geek and his wife’s reaction: “A she? A girl is […]

March 21st, 2005

TM rides again:

Andy’s booked us a gig at the Cowgate Subway (aka the Scrubway) on the 28th of April. Apparently we’ll appear on the upcoming events poster for April along with Proxy. Entry – yes, the Subway actually charges to let you in – will be £3, of which £0 goes to either band. Oh yes: from […]

March 14th, 2005


or whatever it is that my charity shop ’80s suit is cast from, is impervious to smoke, booze and creases. This is my experience from Vegas on Saturday, where we ‘danced’ (in fact, whenever I use the word ‘dance’ in relation to myself, I trust that you’ll mentally place inverted commas around it) ourselves silly […]

March 11th, 2005

Slow week thus far…

Tiny Monkey had our first practice after an unplanned 5-week hiatus on Wednesday. We still rock. In fact, the nature of our rockingness has matured with respect to some of the songs, and I feel we approach them with a healthier perspective – as opposed to the previous “Christ, not this one again” perspective – […]

March 5th, 2005

Just back from the Alps –

Tignes, to be precise. “Le plus bel espace de ski du monde,” goes its catchy slogan. In reality, it should be “Le fucking plus froid espace de ski du monde,” but aside from the face-killing cold, it is actually a reasonable ski area. The various villages that make up Tignes are ’60s ugly and the […]