The Roquefort Files

Travels to the pub and back

February 27th, 2006

T minus three weeks or so

until the Monkey plays its next gig. I drove Davis and Kerstin through to Glasgow for the Saturday rehearsal. And I’d like to apologise to the driver of the silver Clio I cut up/zoomed past on the way onto the motorway. I heard a doppler-shifted horn during that particular maneouvre which makes me think I […]

February 20th, 2006

"Underworld Colon Evolution"

is how Underworld: Evolution is correctly read aloud. Dave and I went to see this on Monday and while it wasn’t bad per se, it was more or less completely identical to the first. Not so much evolution as treading water. Harmless (apart from the gore, gratuitous sex and swearing), mindless (apart from the intestinally […]

February 13th, 2006

Pentlands chicanery!

What an all-round top week. On Wednesday night I drove round to Jez’ flat to show off the yuppie-mobile and to do a bit of route-planning for RT2. We’ve come up with a classic GT route that takes in lunch in SW1, a cruise through France and Belgium to the track, down to Luxembourg for […]

February 6th, 2006

I am utterly devoid

of writing juice. I’m juiced out; wrung like a dessicated lemon skin or hollow kiwi husk. I think that second sentence bears the first one out rather convincingly, n’est-ce pas? However, I am nothing if not bloody-mindedly persistent, and so I’ll press on into the wilds of writer’s blo(g)ck. You lucky things. I seem to […]