The Roquefort Files

Travels to the pub and back

February 23rd, 2007

Domestic bliss:

Chez Roquefort has now been humming along nicely for a couple of weeks (for me; Ash was here during my week in Richmond) and I feel like we’ve properly moved in. To wit: We gots the internet! I’ve excised the shambling Cthulhu-esque beast that is BT from RFHQ’s communication infrastructure and took great pleasure in […]

February 18th, 2007

Back in the dorm,

we found Ash’s rucksack missing from her bed and replaced by a sleeping girl. Good God, I thought, what next? Ash started looking for her stuff amongst the rest of the gear strewn around the room while I went downstairs to talk to the duty manager. It turned out that after we’d moved our stuff […]

February 12th, 2007

Step back in time with me

to the last ever Tiny Monkey practice, and watch as we plough messily but enthusiastically through I Predict a Riot. It’s actually quite poignant for me, because Mart is leaving our shared workplace for a new job in Glasgow in a couple of weeks’ time. Good luck, Mart! I predict that we shall rock again.

Man, Whistler sucks.

Okay, I exaggerate. Our experience of it mostly sucked. The queue of cars and coaches backed up behind the accident started moving maybe three hours after it had ground to a halt, and we crawled past the rather disturbing wreckage of the crashed coach, pushed off to the side of the road. (I found out […]

February 5th, 2007

I’m typing this on my phone on a Greyhound coach

bound for Whistler, a little fearful of taking out my shiny new Mac laptop. I’m not worried about being mugged – this bus is, as with everything Canadian, exactly like its American counterpart only much nicer – I’m just worried that I’d disappear in a puff of bourgeois smoke if I did so. We arrived […]

February 1st, 2007

Chez Roquefort

is now fully transported to Stockbridge. We moved over the weekend with some able assistance from both Jeff (cheers!) and the Trøll, and it all looks suspiciously like it went without a hitch. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to call a flat mine – ours! – that it’s still slightly unreal. This […]