The Roquefort Files

Travels to the pub and back

June 30th, 2007

Baby’s got the bends / oh no (she doesn’t)

Having ditched our luggage we sought out the diving school, situated down on the waterfront and in the shadow of the awesomely retro Hotel Histria. The hairy-chested manager pointed us through the TV lounge (it has a TV lounge! Excellent) and down the stairs, where we came upon it on a short stretch of concrete […]

"The sheer bloody awfulness of air travel"

is a phrase I once read in a newspaper article, uttered with confidence by the head of Eurotunnel, and that seems particularly apt to the journey Ash and I made to get to Croatia last week. Until Ryanair (remember them?) moved forward by two hours their single weekly flight to Pula, we had an early […]

June 20th, 2007

Flat pack:

It’s not every week one hangs on a knife edge between solvency and debt to the tune of £100k. In other words, having given up on buying a place in Auld Reekie (it’s not so much a property ladder here as a greasy pole), I’ve put in a note of interest on a flat over […]

June 12th, 2007

Week(end) inversion:

I did nothing at the weekend. I’m glossing over a letterbox-eyed, four-hour Resident Evil 4 session (we had to break the TV in somehow, and MGS3 is just so dashed cerebral sometimes) but in effect, we wore a path from the couch to the kitchen and back for two days straight. Lofty plans of a […]

June 4th, 2007

Back in black:

Coba Fynn are back in action. Having said that, don’t bother clicking on that link just yet – our esteemed internet host switched us to a different server recently, breaking our site in the process. Normal service should be resumed in a day or two. Anyway, we managed a more productive return to form in […]